Megan Frankenfield Studio

"I live in Cleveland, Ohio. Everywhere I look I see the beauty of the "Rust Belt". Nature is reclaiming old factory buildings and structures throughout the region. I am documenting the beauty of nature through my photographic images that hover gracefully behind the factory windows. These windows reflect nature's ultimate intentions. The broken or missing glass and the rusty framework of the windows are gorgeous remnants of a vibrant industry that built our great city. My work is a commentary on the relationship humanity has with nature. It is also an homage to the past, present and future of our industrial landscape. Am I the artist or am I a historian recording the art of the natural world as it acts upon human structures that have been forgotten and surrendered to decompose and return to the earth? Herein lies a sense of peace and order through this meditation on the passing of time." ~Megan Frankenfield

Description of Work: These paintings appear to be like stained-glass or ceramic tile works. They are all crafted carefully using high quality acrylic paint and/or photography on canvas. The surfaces are highly textured and irresistible to touch. Textures include a grout-like finish and a gloss finish that mimic the rich look of natural patinas and glass. Paintings are very lightweight and easy to handle. Enjoy browsing the galleries on this website and please feel free to contact me with any questions. I take on commission work for both home or corporate needs.

Third Fridays or By Appointment
1300 West 78th Street
Suite 114
Cleveland, OH 44012